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Employees Follow Their Leaders: Become A More Successful Leader By Following These Fourteen Steps!

May 31, 2013

Being a leader means being invested, driven and being able to make decisions at the drop of a dime. Leadership is about guiding and teaching others. It’s about encouragement and self-confidence. Leaders tend to be thirsty for knowledge and always want to take advantage of learning something new.

Many leaders share common traits when it comes to managing and leading their teams. Though there are many styles of leadership there are fourteen things that the most successful leaders do each and every day. Those fourteen things are:

  1. Make others feel safe to speak up
  2. Make decisions
  3. Communicate Expectations
  4. Challenge people to think
  5. Be accountable to others
  6. Lead by example
  7. Measure and reward performance
  8. Provide continuous feedback
  9. Properly allocate and deploy talent
  10. Ask questions, seek counsel
  11. Problem solve; avoid procrastination
  12. Have a positive energy and attitude
  13. Be a great teacher
  14. Genuinely enjoy responsibilities

The first step is to make others feel safe to speak up. With a management title, employees may feel uneasy about approaching you with ideas. Employees offer management the chance to gain perspective from a different angle. Great leaders divert the attention away from them by asking questions and encouraging others to speak up.

The second step is to make decisions. Being a leader means being able to make tough decisions. Leadership also means making more than one decision at once. Great leaders are able to make a decision about one topic while thinking about three others. Efficiency when making decisions is the sign of a successful leader.

The third step is to communicate expectations. Communication is key to any business running efficiently and being successful. That same concept holds true when managing employees. Leaders need to be able to communicate their expectations of each employee effectively. When delegating new projects leaders need to be clear what they’re looking for instead of hoping they get what they wanted. Effective communication is extremely important in any part of business.

The fourth step is to challenge people to think. No one knows his or her team better than the leader. Leaders know each individual’s strengths and weaknesses, their likes and dislikes. Use that information to challenge employees to better themselves in their job role. For example, if one employee is a good writer, ask them to create a blog for the company website.

The fifth step is to be accountable to others. As a leader it’s your job to hold yourself accountable to others. This doesn’t mean that your employees are managing you, but if you’re going to say something then follow up and do it. Accountability is something that many leaders don’t take part in. Employees are accountable for their actions and the way they preform so leaders also need to accountable.

The sixth step is to lead by example. Employees often follow the lead of their managers. If leaders are hardworking, driven, follow up when they say they are going to do something and take pride in what they do then employees begin to act the same way. It’s great when both leaders and employees are on the same page and that page starts with leaders, leading by example.

The seventh step is to measure and reward performance. Successful leaders never take their consistent performers for granted. Instead great leaders are mindful of rewarding these employees. You can’t teach an individual to be a great employee, therefore acknowledging and rewarding those individuals is going to keep them around!

The eighth step is providing continuous feedback. Feedback is an amazing way for both leaders and employees to learn. Employees want to know that their leaders notice what they’re doing and use feedback and constructive criticism as a way to better themselves in their career. Successful leaders know that paying attention and providing feedback to employees reflects their leadership in the long run!

The ninth step is to properly allocate and deploy talent. Successful leaders know the talents that their employees possess and are experts at knowing when to deploy their unique skill sets. Depending on the circumstances a great leader must know which employee best fits the situation at hand.

The tenth step is to ask questions and seek counsel. It takes a successful leader to understand that they don’t know it all. It’s great that they are amazing at making decisions and can easily multi-task but leaders have a thirst for knowledge. Leaders need to be able to ask questions and learn from the answers they receive in order to help their employees learn as well.

The eleventh step to becoming a successful leader is to problem solve and avoid procrastination. Successful leaders want to tackle the issues at hand when they arise. Even if they are worried about the situation or if the situation is uncomfortable, a great leader faces it head-on.

The twelfth step is to have a positive energy and attitude. Successful leaders understand that having a positive attitude and energy is inspiring to those individuals who work for them. Face each task with a positive energy and a go-getter attitude and employees are going to do the same.

The thirteenth step is to be a great teacher. It’s easy to focus on your own work, get your work done and leave for the day. But, great leaders know that teaching their employees as much as possible isn’t only beneficial to the future of that employee but also to the business.

The fourteenth step that makes a successful leader is something that can’t be taught. Successful leaders genuinely enjoy responsibilities. If you’re afraid of conflict or making decisions, perhaps a leadership role isn’t for you. Successful leaders know that being responsible and taking the reins gets the job done in a timely matter and gets it done right!

If you’re a leader or wish to be a leader, remember these fourteen steps of becoming a successful leader. Anyone can be a leader but being successful in your leadership role depends on you!

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