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For BBQ Sauce That’s Finger Lickin’ Good: Check Out BBQ Fight Club!

August 09, 2012

Whether you’re looking for something with a little kick or something that packs a full on punch, BBQ Fight Club has just what you’re looking for! The restaurant responsible for creating this action-packed BBQ sauce, Hog Heaven, is located right in the heart of Tennessee and was founded in 1986.

In 2010 the owners of Hog Heaven were being asked more frequently when they would bottle up their sauce, and ship it to customers not from the area. If you can’t already tell, there is something special about this sauce! Along with their Punchin’ Pig Mild BBQ Sauce and Bashin’ Bull Raging Hot BBQ Sauce they also have a unique white BBQ sauce which they named Kickin’ Chicken White BBQ Sauce. Not only do these sauces look and taste amazing, but check out that label! Their logo looks awesome on our White Polyester Laser Weatherproof material!

Now don’t get upset, Nashville isn’t the only place you can purchase this sauce. The owners of BBQ Fight Club understand that many people who stop in Hog Heaven, are from out of town and so they have created a website to make ordering their sauce as easy as possible!

“We had a good experience with,” said Katy Garner, owner of Hog Heaven and BBQ Fight Club. Adding to that she said, “Once, the labels did not print well and they reprinted and sent more to us with no questions asked. Great Customer Service!”

So whether you’re a resident in the Nashville area or just passing through, make sure to stop in and grab a saucy snack! Visit our Facebook page and let us know if you’ve ever tried any one of Hog Heaven’s meals, or if you’ve ordered any of the BBQ Fight Club sauces in the past!

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