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Band Promotion with Stickers, Flyers, and Magnets

April 08, 2015

There are musicians all over the world that make a living playing music, even if they do not make a living at it, many still supplement their income by playing music. Being able to do something that you love to make money can be very rewarding.

As a musician, it takes a little time before you will earn any money with your music. In order to earn money you first need to be able to draw a crowd of paying attendees. Bars and clubs are hesitant about booking bands that do not have a reputation and following. The reasons that bands are booked at bars is to draw more people in, so if that cannot be done, it is not worth the time and effort for the bar to have a specific band.

Fan Base

To start being able to make money as a musician, you need to build up a fan base so people will come out to see you whenever you are performing. This is done by playing free shows at first, recording music to share, and also promoting your band with flyers, posters, shirts, stickers, and anything else that has your name on it.

Building a fan base is not easy at first, but as you start to gain new fans they will begin telling others about how good you were. In many cases the fans that start to pay attention to you will bring other people out to see you when you have a scheduled show. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to grow your fan base.


One of the most popular ways for a band to start getting noticed besides starting out playing free shows is to give away music and stickers at their shows. Even if they are not playing but a friends band is, they can show up and give away free demos, stickers, and other products that are affordable to have made.

When making band stickers you do not want to make them too big in most cases, for instance, a normal size bumper sticker is way too big. You want smaller stickers that are easy to carry around in a pocket at a live, crowded concert. It is also nice if they can fit inside a CD case, and then you can include them inside your bands demo to get them out to fans. Some of the common sizes for band stickers are 2” x 4”, 1.50” x 4”, 4” x 4”, and other smaller size rectangle or square stickers.

The most important things to have on your sticker is your band logo, it should be prominent and the main focal point. You should also include your website (or Facebook page) and booking contact info.


Flyers are a very important part of band promotion, they are needed to promote your upcoming shows. They can be handed out in malls, at related live events, and they can also be hung on telephone poles, college common areas, public bulletin boards, and many other places.

Flyers also work great when a band is trying to promote a new album. They can make a flyer with the album cover, the release date, as well as any other information about the album that they want to share. SInce flyers are so cheap they are a very important tool in a musicians arsenal of promo strategies.


Magnets are also a great way for bands to get their name out there, but they are not used for that reason all that often. They can be, and they should be, since they help bands get more exposure and they also give fans a useful magnet. When someone sees a magnet on a friends refrigerator with a band logo they will be curious, and will probably ask about the band.

Magnets for musicians can be done the same way as stickers. They should have a bands logo, website info, and booking contact information. They can be given away or sold with the bands other merchandise at shows.

How Else Can SheetLabels.com Help Musicians?

SheetLabels.com does some other types of label/sticker printing that can be helpful for musicians. CD labels are great for bands that do not have a large budget but want to make their demos look as professional as possible. They can be ordered blank and printed on a home laser printer, or they can be custom printed in our facility and then shipped to you ready to use.

For bands looking to do videos we also do DVD labels, so that is another option that we can assist musicians with. If you are looking to have stickers, flyers, magnets, or media labels printed, give us a call and we can help you with everything from start to finish.

Printed Magnets
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