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Advertising Products To The Baby Boomer Generation Is Not The Main Focus Of Many Super Bowl Commercials!

February 04, 2013

On Sunday, February 3rd, millions of Americans and spectators across the world tuned in to watch Super Bowl XLVII!

Each year the amount of viewers tuning in to watch the Super Bowl gets larger. Each year the hype about teams and players increases. And, each year the half time show boasts more lights and suspense than the year before.

Anticipation was at an all-time high this year with the coaches of the two opposing teams being brothers, Ray Lewis announcing his retirement and Beyoncé performing the half time show!

With growing anticipation of the Super Bowl, the price per 30-second commercial also increased. Spectators love Super Bowl commercials. With millions upon millions of people watching the game, introducing new products or reminding consumers of products already available is costly but worth it!

Many companies and advertisers use the Super Bowl platform to target audiences 18 to 49 years of age by creating commercials that are entertaining and suspenseful and also creating commercials that double as social media marketing strategies. This means that many companies are forgetting about 80 million people by neglecting to advertise to the baby boomer population (49 to 67 years old).

Some may argue that advertising is advertising and these companies are going to rake in millions, if not billions of dollars regardless. But, advertising to the baby boomer generation is extremely different than advertising to people who have grown up in the age of technology and these companies could be missing out on even more millions or billions of dollars in revenue.

There are seven keys that businesses looking to gain the attention of baby boomers should know, they are:

  1. They demand facts – meaning that baby boomers aren’t as interested in the possibilities of products, but rather the facts concerning those products. Baby boomers have a lifetime of experience when making purchases, so the more they know about the product, the more likely they are to buy it.
  2. First impressions are more likely to be permanent than with a younger crowd – meaning that companies only have one time to make a first impression. Do you want that impression to be overwhelming or precise? Introducing a fun feature to the product down the road won’t interest these customers; they want to know about how your product is going to affect them from the get-go. If your business is able to get a positive first reaction with the baby boomer generation, they are likely to be repeat, loyal customers.
  3. They are less self-oriented than younger generations – meaning that baby boomers have started to develop a higher importance on spiritual values rather than materialistic values.
  4. They spend more time making purchase decisions – meaning that baby boomers aren’t usually swayed by time-urgency sales. They spend more time weighing the decision to buy a product, where most of the younger generation, takes advantage of sales and discounts!
  5. They see fewer differences between competing products – meaning that baby boomers see many items in the same market as having no differences. They may not fully understand the benefits one camera has over the other or why a smartphone may be better than a standard phone.
  6. They are less sensitive to price and more sensitive to value – meaning that baby boomers tend to purchase products based on their whole being. They tend to think about how the product benefits their spiritual and intellectual being when purchasing products.
  7. They are interested in more than the product’s features and benefits – meaning that it doesn’t matter if the product can download and play music and also add photos to social media sites. Baby boomers are interested in the stories behind the products, and the stories that advertisers can tell with their products. It’s an emotional connection for them that makes products more appealing!

Advertisers may think that pushing commercials towards a younger more impulsive generation is beneficial, but they are sure missing on out a large target market!

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