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Ayres Photography Orders High-Tack White Polyester Printed Labels To Mail Photos To Their Customers!

May 16, 2013

When it comes to that special day, when you walk down the isle, staircase or sandy beach one thing is for certain; you’re going to remember that day forever. But, a great wedding photographer helps capture even the smallest details of your special day.

Meet Ayres Photography! This married couple started on a completely different career path before chasing their passion of photography and turning it into a business. “Before we became full time photographers, we were middle school teachers”, said one half of the married couple, Jenn Ayres. Adding, “We met teaching across the hall from each other, and we became good friends instantly! We shared a mutual love of nature, photography and art in general”.

Both Ben and Jenn Ayres were very focused on teaching but their passion for photography would soon take over, as they became busier and busier shooting wedding after wedding. “Ben had been photographing weddings part time for several years before we met, so he asked me to join him at one”, she stated. Also adding, “We teamed up for every wedding after that, and have been shooting together ever since! About two years into shooting weddings part time, our photography business took on a life of its own and we started to struggle with maintaining full time teaching jobs and running a business”.

It was soon after their business started booming that they chose to leave their teaching jobs and become full time photographers! “We’ve been full time for four years now and it’s been a wild ride”, said Jenn.

The owners of Ayres Photography order High-Tack White Polyester printed labels from SheetLabels.com! The High-Tack Polyester label material is the strongest label material offered at SheetLabels.com. With a super sticky adhesive this tear-resistant, weatherproof label material is only sold as a printed label!

“Working with SheetLabels.com has been fantastic”, said Jenn. Also stating, “when we first started our business, we had a completely different look than the one we have now, so we have placed many different orders with SheetLabels.com, and have always been super happy with the results”!

Great wedding photos are a way to look back to your special day and remember all the small, intricate details that took weeks and months to plan.

Did you use Ayres Photography at your wedding? Do you use High-Tack White Polyester labels? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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