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Achieve Your Goals By Learning New Time Management Methods!

March 06, 2013

What time do I need to be there? What time is it? How much time is left? That took me a long time. It’s obvious that time is a crucial part of our lives.

Managing time is one of the hardest things most individuals face on a daily basis. Whether you’re a student or work a full-time job, there are only 24 hours in a day and sometimes that’s just not enough.

There are a number of different methods individuals have used to ensure they are using their time to the fullest. These methods include:




  1. Making a List
  2. Making Use of Down Time
  3. Rewarding Yourself
  4. Concentrating on One Thing
  5. Avoiding Procrastination
  6. Setting Personal Deadlines
  7. Delegating Responsibilities
  8. Setting up a Long Term Planner
  9. Working as a Team

Each of the methods listed above can help make managing time easier. Depending upon the individual, simply utilizing one of these methods may help or combining a few of the methods may be best for you.

Method 1- Make a List. This simply means, writing down your goals for each day. What would you like to achieve that day? What are things that you need to get done that day? Prioritize your list into categories of needs and wants.

Method 2 – Make Use of Down Time. We all spend time driving, showering, making meals and eating. Use this time to think of ideas or aspirations, something that makes you want to get your tasks for each day done!

Method 3 – Reward Yourself. After you’ve achieved a goal for the day, especially an important goal or one that challenged you, celebrate. Think of something you love, maybe it’s a television show or a snack food. Only allow yourself to indulge in your must have after you’ve achieved something for that day.

Method 4 – Concentrate on One Thing. Multitasking may seem beneficial, and it is when you’re walking and talking or texting and eating. But, when something demands attention to detail make sure you’re focused. That phone call or Facebook update can wait until later.

Method 5 – Avoid Procrastination. This may be the most difficult method. In a technology driven society with social media, texting, Skype and Google there’s always something else you can be doing. Put the phone down, turn off the television and minimize your Internet browser so you can get something done. After you’ve finished resort to method 3!

Method 6 – Set Personal Deadlines. Have you ever had a huge presentation due? The time leading up to that presentation deadline becomes more stressful as the days pass. Don’t let the presentation deadline haunt you! Instead, set deadlines for yourself within that time period. Make the end of day 1 when you’ll have your research finished. Day 2 ends your time for finding statistics. Day 3 you’ll finish the presentation itself. Day 4 you add any fun facts or transitions to your presentation. Day 5 you can run through your presentation from start to finish. Day 6 you make any final edits. By the time day 7 rolls around, you’ll be stress free with a great presentation!

Method 7 – Delegate Responsibilities. It’s part of human nature to at times bite off more than we can chew. No one likes disappointing others so we say yes until we’re stretching ourselves too thin. It’s okay to ask for help! Just be sure to always keep tabs on how the task you’ve delegated is coming along. And always tell individuals helping you with your task everything they need to know so that the task is done right the first time.

Method 8 – Set Up a Long Term Planner. Take a day to plan out large goals you would like to achieve each month and year. Then if you reach a day that’s harder to focus, take out the planner and remind yourself of why you’re working so hard!

Method 9 – Work as a Team. Sometimes working with a group can be difficult. There are so many people working on different aspects of the project and managing becomes difficult. But, team moral boosts spirits and allows for projects to be finished more quickly.

Optimizing your time is crucial to getting good work done. There are so many distractions available everywhere we look. Make sure not to get too overwhelmed with work. Becoming successful at managing your time makes you more successful at work!

How do you optimize your time? Do you use any of the methods listed above? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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