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9 Sites with Free Clipart for Printable Crafts & Labels

November 19, 2014

There are hundreds of websites on the web with clip art, in fact, there are so many that it can sometimes be difficult to sort through them to get just what you require. There are many public domain images that can be used completely free though, so if you cannot find what you are looking for at any of these sites you can use Google to search for more royalty free images.

These sites listed here all include artwork that will work perfectly for crafts, home canning, shipping labels, and even home organization. Some of the artwork you discover may even inspire you and give you additional craft ideas for down the road.

If you know of any additional sites that have a nice collection of free artwork for crafts and labels please feel free to share them in the comments. We would love to learn about them and I am sure other readers will also enjoy them.

Antique Clipart

This site has a nice collection of vintage clipart that is mostly free, but for larger resolution images there may be a small fee. In most cases the free versions of the images will suffice for a craft project.

101 Free Printables

Here is a very helpful list of printable art for all kinds of different purposes. In this list you will find vintage round labels, storage tags, baby shower printables, holiday gift tags, and much more.

Superhero Art

These superhero printables are perfect for everyone that has children that are into superheroes. Some of the artwork is for special occasions like birthday parties, but there is also art that will work well for everyday kid fun.

Canning Jar Labels

If you can your own foods at home then you will be in need of labels for your jars, and this collection of canning jar labels artwork is exactly what you need. No matter what style of label you want to label your good with you are sure to find something you like here, and they are all free!

Images for Crafts

Another site with a lot of excellent artwork in all shapes and sizes. On this site they have the artwork sorted by the shape of the artwork as well as some other categories to make your search much easier. There are also some handy tools on the site to make it easy to resize your images without having to know much about image editing.

Martha Stewarts Printable Label Art

The Martha Stewart site has a whole section dedicated to artwork specifically meant for labels of all shapes and sizes. This link brings you right to the main section of label art, from here you can find anything that you may need for home labeling jobs.

My Cute Graphics

My Cute Graphics has a large collection of clipart for all occasions, and much of what they offer in this section is free.  The artwork on this site is all made by them, and they do also have sections of the site that include paid art.

Classroom Clipart

Classroom Clipart has a large collection of free clipart, and everything is organized very nicely into categories. Here you will also find everything broken down nicely into categories, and they have quite a few different categories to choose from.

Printables, Clipart, and Labels!

This one is a Pinterest board, but it had to be included because of the large selection of art for crafts, organization, storage, and so much more. We are sure that you will love this one because it has quite a few unique styles of artwork that can be used for any type of project.

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