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9 Funny Product Labels: A Few Mistakes You Should Avoid

August 18, 2016

Many companies attract new customers through the use of humor on their product labels. Whether they give their product a funny name or they have a funny, eye-catching logo, many companies find success by taking the unique route. On the other hand, a label that you see in stores may not always be funny on purpose. A label may be funny due to a misprint or a mistake on the label. Funny labels are entertaining to read when you come across them, but they aren’t so funny for the company once they realize they made a mistake.

When companies invest in services such as roll label printing, sheet labels, or cut-to-size printing, they don’t expect for there to be any mistakes on the finished product. We were able to find several humorous product label fails that you’ll definitely want to avoid!

Giving Your Product the Wrong Label

In a grocery store, it’s easy enough to accidentally give your produce the wrong product label. But mistaking a package of corn on the cob for watermelon? That’s another story! Check out the original photo here. View other humorous examples of blueberries mistaken for strawberries and carrots mistaken for onions.

Not Being Clear About What’s Inside

If you came across a food item that said “Child Shredded Meat” on the package, would you buy it, knowing it was simply a labeling mistake? We’d be curious to know how many of these they ended up selling before the expiration date! Check out the original photo here and see for yourself. Another example of a product label mistaking children for chicken can be found here.

Make Sure Your Product Label is Facing the Right Direction

As seen in this photo, the product label was somehow printed upside down on the can. Maybe they should’ve used roll label printing instead!

Misleading Your Customers

The point of a product label is to inform your customers about what you’re selling and to encourage them to purchase your product. However, this product label is a tad bit misleading!

Thankfully this package is see-through so customers won’t be disappointed when they find out that they bought hamburger buns instead of hot dog buns!

Make Sure Your Label is Honest

Product marketing is all about making your customers believe that what you’re selling is the best, but honesty is still the best policy. That wasn’t the case for this watermelon that was labeled as seedless. Luckily for the customers, they could see right through the clear packaging.

Avoid These Packaging Fails

There’s no question that product label fails are hilarious — unless it’s your product. To avoid making these mistakes with your own product labels, it’s important to print your labels with a company you can trust. 

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