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8 Common Label Industry Terms and What They Mean

October 26, 2016

Whether you’re new to the labeling industry or you’re ordering new product labels online for your business, it can be helpful to know common label industry terms to make the most well-informed and educated decision before purchasing a new product.

At SheetLabels.com, we have a vast selection of sheet labels, rolled labels, cut-to-size labels, magnets, stickers, and other promotional materials to fit the needs of your brand. If you need assistance or have any questions during the ordering process, we’re available to help!

Adhesive Types

You’re probably familiar with the definition of adhesive, but do you know that we offer several different types of adhesives?

Permanent adhesives are labels with a permanent adhesive, which cannot be removed without tearing the label or tearing the surface in which the label is applied. Permanent adhesive labels are great for most labels including box and shelf labels.

Removable labels contain a removable adhesive and can be peeled off and reapplied as needed. Removable labels are great for products that only need temporary labels or for items where the label will eventually need to be removed.

Material Types

We know that all of the different types of label materials can get confusing when you’re ordering product labels online, but that’s what makes SheetLabels.com so great! Our large selection of label materials allow you to choose the best material for your project, whether you need BOPP, vinyl, or polyester labels.

BOPP labels, or white matte polypropylene labels, are a matte finish label made of biaxially oriented polypropylene. They are extremely water-resistant and are available in white, clear, and silver.

Vinyl labels are also highly weatherproof. Even thicker than BOPP labels, vinyl labels are excellent for outdoor applications. We offer inkjet and offset weatherproof vinyl labels.

Polyester labels are weatherproof labels and they also look fabulous! We call them the Prince Charming of labels because they’re weather-resistant, perfect for every type of application, and they look amazing. We sell polyester labels in white, gloss, clear, clear matte, silver matte, and clear static cling.

Kraft labels are recycled, environmentally-friendly labels. While they are not water-resistant, they make an excellent label for seasonal packaging, wines, spirits, and craft beer beverages. They are available as cut-to-size labels or sheet labels.

Other Labeling Terms

Sheet labels or laser labels are labels that are printed as loose single sheets to fit the requirements to pass through an inkjet or laser printer. Roll labels, on the other hand, are pressure-sensitive labels that are produced in a continuous roll form. They are excellent for managing larger quantities or to be used with label dispensers and automatic label applicators.

With so many labeling terms to get familiar with, we wouldn’t want to overwhelm you with each and every word and its definition. However, we have a glossary of industry terms for sheet labels and rolled labels if you’re interested in doing more research before ordering product labels online.

If you have any questions about our products or the ordering process, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help you every step of the way! 

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