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7 Helpful Ways to Use Labels This Summer

May 01, 2015

Labels serve many different purposes, they are great for organization, messaging, brand awareness, and much more. In almost any situation a label can come in handy. In this post we will discuss some summertime activities that many people do where labels can come in handy.

  • Garden Produce Labels

Gardening is a popular hobby for many people, and it is a great way to grow your own nutritious and organic vegetables and fruits. Using weatherproof labels to mark all of the posts next to where each plant is located will make it a much simpler task to differentiate the various veggies and anything else you may have planted in your garden.

  • Pool Chemical Reminder Labels

Owning a pool can be a lot of hard work, you need to keep it clean and part of keeping it clean is adding chlorine. In addition to adding chlorine you also need to monitor the levels of chlorine and any other chemicals that you may use in your pool.

With life being so busy for everyone, it can be cumbersome to try to remember when you last added the proper chemicals to your pool. Weatherproof labels can be a nice tool to help you keep track of your pools chemicals, and they will ensure that you do not forget to do your scheduled maintenance. Using weatherproof labels is simple, you just mark down the date you last changed or added chemicals, and then adhere it to the outside wall of your pool.

  • Family Reunion Nametags

Family reunions and parties can get a bit chaotic when you have a large family. You are more than likely going to see family members that you have not seen in years, as well as some that you have never even met before. Handing out nametag labels to everyone as they arrive can eliminate confusion, and can also help encourage mingling with family members that have only heard of one another. Being able to put a name to a face in these situations can be very helpful.

  • Barbeque Labels

Having a big barbeque with friends and family is always a good time during the summer. When a lot of food is being prepared it is important to make it easy for everyone to know what everything is. Using labels allows your guests to take a quick look at all of the food so they can easily decide what they want without asking about what is in each container.

Labels can also come in handy to alert guests about any possible allergens that may be in any of the foods that are being served.

  • Lawn Fertilization Warning Labels

Everyone wants to have a nice lush, green lawn, but in order to get your lawn looking the best that it can, it takes a lot of hard work. Fertilizing your lawn at the start of spring can make a world of difference. Lawn fertilizers can be harmful to both pets and children though, so a sign or labels warning people about the fertilization is a must to protect your loved ones and animals.

Larger sized full sheet labels manufactured with bright, fluorescent labels can work great to ensure that the warning is not missed. These full size sheet labels will work perfectly to stick to your garage, or even a stake in the ground, so people are aware and avoid the lawn.

  • Yard Sale Labels

Yard sales and garage sales are also very popular during the warmer months, and they are great for helping you clean out old stuff that you have no use for anymore. Labels can come in handy to label all of the things that you are selling. Without labels people will have to constantly ask you how much you want for something, which can be hard to keep up with if you have a lot of people browsing.

  • Outdoor Party Drink Cup Labels

This is something else that can get very confusing if you are having a party with a large number of guests. Placing blank labels on the cups, and a sharpie next the stack of cups can help eliminate this issue. This will keep people from getting confused, and it will also save cups since people will not be losing them all of the time and having to replace them with another cup. 

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