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5 Traits to Look for in a Cold Weather Label

February 24, 2017

Whether your product is intended for indoor or outdoor use, it will likely encounter various temperatures throughout its storage process. Whether your product will be stored in the refrigerator, freezer, outdoors, or shipped to the consumer’s home, the product may sit outside for a period of time, even if it’s not meant to be used outdoors. More often than not, product labels must be designed with outdoor sticker printing in mind, even if the product is not intended for outdoor use.

For this reason, companies need to ensure that their product labels will survive when exposed to cold or freezing temperatures. Here at Sheet-Labels.com, we can help to make sure that your product labels are weatherproof, temperature resistant, or waterproof. Below, we’ll discuss the top 5 traits to look for in a cold weather label.

1: All Temperature Adhesive

When you’re labeling a product that is intended for refrigeration, freezing, shipping, or high heat exposure, we recommended that you look for labels containing all temperature adhesives. Our White All Temperature Latex (safe in temperatures as low as 60 degrees below), White Uncoated All Temperature (safe in temperatures as low as 65 degrees below), and Clear BOPP Permanent (safe in temperatures as low as 65 degrees below) labels are excellent options.

2: High-Tack Permanent

If your product is intended for outdoor sticker printing, a product label containing high-tack permanent adhesive is an exceptional option. Our High-Tack White Polyester Weatherproof labels are excellent for your outdoor application needs. These durable labels last as long as two years outdoors and are safe for temperature ranges as low as 45 degrees below and as high as 147 degrees.

3: Permanent

Permanent labels are a necessity for withstanding cold weather and freezing temperatures. Our White All Temperature Latex, White Uncoated All Temperature, and Clear BOPP Permanent labels are permanent and all temperature labels as well.

4: Temperature Resistant

Whether a product is intended for outdoor sticker printing or refrigeration, temperature resistance must be kept in mind. Our Vinyl Laser Weatherproof, Vinyl Inkjet Weatherproof, White Polyester Weatherproof, White Uncoated All Temperature, Removeable White Polyester, Crystal Clear Gloss Weatherproof, High-Tack White Polyester Weatherproof, Silver Matte Polyester Weatherproof, White BOPP Permanent and Clear BOPP Permanent are all excellent temperature resistant labels.

When choosing a label, make sure to keep the temperature range and minimum application temperature in mind. For example, our Vinyl Laser Weatherproof labels have a minimum application temperature of 25 degrees and withstand temperatures as low as 30 below or as high as 175 degrees. Your product label should be able to survive indoors, in the refrigerator, or in the freezer.

5: UV Resistant

That’s right—even cold weather labels need to be UV resistant. Colors fade after direct sunlight exposure, but our UV resistant labels stay put. After all, you don’t want your eye-catching label designs to fade away with time. Our Vinyl Laser Weatherproof, White Polyester Weatherproof, Frosty Clear Matte, and White BOPP Permanent labels are all UV resistant.

To learn more about cold weather product labels and to place your label order, contact the team at Sheet-Labels.com today! 

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