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5 Tips for Labeling Vaping Products

April 03, 2017

In the new and evolving vaping industry, the need for quality customized labels is imperative to the success of the vaping product. Not only are there a number of important labeling guidelines and regulations that vaping products must follow, but labels are also used to help your vaping product stand out and get the attention your products deserve. To help you create the best custom labels for your vaping product, we’ll provide you with 5 useful tips to help you get started.

1.     Trust in The Help of Experts

Whether you’re new to creating customized labels or you want to make sure that your labels meet FDA guidelines, it is recommended that you entrust in the help of a labeling expert, such as Sheet-Labels.com. Vaping labels are just one of the many markets that Sheet-Labels.com specializes in. Whether you need printed or blank vaping labels, you can choose from over 30 different labeling materials and a variety of label sizes, shapes and colors. If you need help with the designing of your product label, our team can help with that as well.

2.     Check Out the Competition

According to an October 2015 report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 9 million U.S. adults regularly use vaping products. However, an estimated number of 36.5 million American adults currently smoke cigarettes. Even though cigarette smoking has declined throughout the recent years, the vaping industry hasn’t convinced all smokers to switch to e-cigarettes. So, what can companies in the vaping industry do to attract more attention? Brand products with eye-catching customized labels. Review other vaping product labels, including cigarette labels and designs—and figure out what you can do differently.

3.     Use Market Research

This tip goes along with checking out the competition, but it’s so important that it deserve its own section. When creating a new product label—especially labels for vaping products—we recommend using market research to help you determine what your target audience wants to see. Coordinate focus groups, create online surveys, conduct conversational interviews, and engage in direct observation, which helps you to visually assess vaping products in stores and online.

4.     Choose the Right Material

Creating customized labels isn’t all about style, design, and color; in fact, the material you use is one of the most important factors. If your e-juice drips down the side of the bottle, you want to make sure that your label stays put and doesn’t fade or peel away from the package. Working with a labeling expert can help you to make the most beneficial labeling decisions, whether you choose our White Polyester Weatherproof labels, White All Temperature labels, High Gloss Laser labels, Brown Kraft labels, or one of our many other high-quality materials.

5.     Follow FDA Guidelines

Most importantly, FDA rules and regulations must be followed. Check out this FDA guide for labeling vaporizers, e-cigarettes, or other Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems. In this guide, you’ll find important regulations such as the following:

·        Product labels must contain a nicotine warning.

·        For products that do not contain nicotine, a self-certification statement must be submitted to the FDA. Then, an alternate warning statement must be listed.

·        Product labels must use Arial or Helvetica fonts, with a minimum size of 12-pt.

For additional labeling tips, contact Sheet-Labels.com and our expert team will be happy to help you get started. 

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