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4 Things Customers Will Look for on Personal Care Product Labels

August 24, 2016

Today’s consumers are smarter and more responsible in their buying decisions than they were 20 years ago. A thorough look at the buying habits of the 21st century shopper will show you that most people are paying closer attention to the ingredients used in the products they eat, drink, or wear, including personal care products.

Thanks to organizations like the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and their easy-to-follow guides for healthy living, anyone can take a closer look at the ingredients used in personal care products and even determine how safe they are before deciding to purchase specific products.

Labels can help your savvy customers to clearly identify the types of ingredients used in each product, along with a few other important factors that are worth paying closer attention to.

Is It Organic?

The organic movement has really taken off over the past few years, and shoppers are becoming more and more interested in purchasing organic personal care products. Not only are they easier on the skin and body, but they often contain fewer chemicals and environmental toxins.

Companies must first become certified organic businesses in order to include the certified organic logo on their product labels, which can be a timely and costly process. If you’re unable to do so, there are a few viable alternatives. Your clients will appreciate it a lot when you list the percentage of organic ingredients that are used. If your products contain 95 percent organic ingredients but you are not a certified organic business, be sure to state this matter on the label.

Is It Fair Trade?

Another important factor that hinders a consumer’s decision to purchase a product is knowing whether or not the product is fair trade. A certified Fair Trade USA label will ensure that social, environmental, and economic standards were met during the making of a specific product. There are certain requirements to be met here as well. Labels that include the Fair Trade USA logo require the business to first earn a license from Fair Trade USA.

Was It Tested on Animals?

New and improved methods of product testing are becoming more and more popular, and clients typically don’t want to see their products tested on animals. When shopping for personal care products, people tend to look for the Leaping Bunny logo on the product label, which means that the product was not tested on animals at any point in the product development process.

Are There Any Chemicals?

Regardless of whether or not a product is certified organic, your clients will want to know if an item contains any chemicals that could potentially be harmful to themselves or their families. Labels can help to make consumers feel more comfortable during the buying process.

Organic, chemical-free, fair trade personal care products that haven’t been tested on animals are becoming wildly popular throughout the world, and any responsible buyer will see it as a positive sign when companies acknowledge these important issues on their product labels. Even if your company cannot commit to all 4 of these factors, it is important to acknowledge the ones that apply to your specific products.

Compare Labels

To ensure that your company isn’t missing any crucial information on its product labels, it’s helpful to compare your product labels to any of your competitor’s labels. Plus, you’ll gather ideas for making your products stand out on the shelves! 

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