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4 Great Product Label Storage Tips

September 29, 2016

You’ve put in the time to plan, design, and order your product labels, so it’s important that you keep them clean, crisp, and crease-free. To keep your labels in mint condition for days, weeks, months, or even years to come—we have four great storage tips for your product labels. Printing and storing your labels should be convenient, easy, and hassle-free, and we can help!

Tip #1 - Avoid Humidity

One of the best tips for preserving your product labels is keeping them away from humid temperatures. We all know what happens to labels or paper when they get wet or humid, and you do not want to ruin your labels by storing them in hot, humid, or damp temperatures. Labels should be stored at room temperature, which may be a bit trickier during the hot, summer months.

When labels are exposed to humidity, the corners may start to curl up and may not be salvageable. You want your product labels to be durable and long-lasting once placed on a product, but improper storage can reduce durability. To avoid this from happening, keep your labels stored in plastic wrap, similar to the wrap that the labels are stored in upon arrival.

Tip #2 - Keep Your Labels Dry

Remembering to keep your labels dry may seem obvious, but people tend to forget all of the things that may cause your labels to get wet. Often times, people store their labels in a lower level basement, office, or storage closet, hoping to keep them cool and safe from humidity. Basements are susceptible to flooding, which could ruin your labels if stored in a basement or lower level.

If you need to keep your labels stored in a lower level, make sure that the labels are lifted off the ground, whether they’re stored near the top of a tall file cabinet or are placed near the top of a bookshelf or desk. Labels should be stored in a very dry room, away from any water.

Tip #3 - Straighten Curls Early on

Poor storage methods or hot and humid temperatures may lead to the curling of your sheet labels. Printing your labels and then storing them without proper care may lead to curling, but this can often be fixed if you act fast enough.

If your labels start to curl, simply flip them over to offset the curl and straighten them out. Place heavier objects such as a thick book or two on top of the labels to help straighten them out.

Tip #4 - Store Away from Moisture

As you know, moisture can play a nasty role in diminishing the effectiveness of your product labels. Printing your labels and immediately storing them properly can greatly reduce your risk of exposing your labels to moisture, humidity, creases, and any other mishaps.

Moisture is one of the worst things for your labels, and too much moisture may cause them to become unsalvageable. Unless you remove all curls from the labels, you may not be able to feed the sheet labels through your inkjet printer. If you’re having trouble removing any curling using the method we provided above, check out this video and try removing the curling by hand.

If you have any questions about properly storing your product labels, don’t hesitate to contact us at SheetLabels.com! If you know that your product label will be exposed to water, moisture, cold or hot temperatures, or humidity, please view our great selection of weatherproof labels

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