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3 Ways to Use Stickers to Grow Your Brand in the New Year

December 30, 2016

Each year, successful companies need to reinvent themselves enough to keep their clients engaged, interested, and loyal. Printed stickers on a roll, custom labels, and personalized product labels may be just what your company needs to make that happen in the New Year ahead. Custom printed stickers and labels help to boost your brand’s image and increase sales for a financially-stable year ahead.

Make Your Packaging Outstanding

While many companies don’t put in the necessary effort to make their product’s packaging look appealing, your company will be put ahead of the competition when you take the time to develop creative and appealing designs and styles that lure consumers in. Printed stickers on a roll, for example, can help to give your packaging that extra spark it needs to stand out in a crowd.

To help you decide if stickers and custom labels are for you, we have 3 creative ideas for using stickers and labels to help grow your brand in the New Year. Now let’s dive in!

1. Spice Up Your Product Labels with Stickers

Many companies don’t realize that stickers can be a creative and cost-effective solution to labelling products. Our printed stickers on a roll here at Sheet-Labels.com allow your brand to be as creative and customizeable as possible, while also saving money at the same time. When you use customizable stickers as your product label, you can use unique shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and more!

Plus, our roll stickers and labels are excellent options for applying labels by hand or for using  label dispensers. Roll labels also allow you to use less waste which is another great benefit!

2. Include Stickers Inside Your Packaging

You know how children’s cereal boxes sometimes have toys or stickers inside? Well, you can offer your customers something similar when you include free branded stickers inside of your product’s packaging. When you include branded stickers inside of your packaging, you’re encouraging customers to stick them to their laptops, cars, bags, or give them away to other consumers. And what could be better than free advertising for your business?

3. Appeal to College Students

College students are always eager to find unique ideas for decorating their dorm rooms, laptops, laptop bags, and textbooks. When you offer creative branded stickers to your younger audience, you have the potential to reach a huge amount of other students who may be trying out new brands, products, and services for the first time. Find out if you can leave your branded stickers in college bookstores and other areas where students are most likely to pick them up.

There you have it—stickers are a fun, cost-effective, and creative way to grow your brand in the New Year ahead. With stickers, you have the potential to reach a larger number of people in an exciting way. Who can resist using a free sticker with vibrant colors and catchy designs?

To learn more about using printed stickers on a roll to help grow your brand in the New Year, contact Sheet-Labels.com today!

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