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3 Tips to Avoid Making Label Printing Typos

January 30, 2017

Unless you want your label, advertisement, or promotion to end up being made fun of on a late night talk show or on HubSpot, it’s always a good idea to proofread your customized labels before finalizing them, printing them and applying them to your products. Even if you think most of your consumers won’t notice the typo or mistake, the point is that some of them well. Even if only half of your clients notice the typo, it’s bad for your business.

Label mistakes reflect sloppiness and carelessness, and may reflect poorly on the product itself. If shoppers see a label that looks thrown together (even if you’ve spent a great deal of time designing it), they may worry that the product itself was also thrown together. To help you avoid making typos and mistakes on your product labels, check out our 3 useful tips below.

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

Not all companies have writers and editors to proofread their promotional materials, which makes the proofing process a bit more difficult to master. However, it’s important to get as much feedback as possible before finalizing an order. Here are some tips to help you during the proofreading process:

  • Ask colleagues, friends, or family members to read the content and make note of any mistakes or typos.

  • Make use of the auto-correct feature in word-processing software. This feature lets you automatically update words that you often misspell.

  • Always use your computer’s spell-check function to review your work, but don’t rely on it 100 percent. Always review the content and make sure that everything makes sense. When in doubt, ask someone else for help.

  • Don’t rely on proofing content from a computer monitor. Instead, print the page and review it on paper. Many people find that it’s easier to spot mistakes on printed pages.

  • Proofing your work isn’t just about writing it—you should also read it aloud to ensure that it makes sense. Alternatively, use a pencil to point out each word as you read it. Physically touching the word can help you to make better sense of it.

  • Sometimes reading the work backwards can help you to view it in a new light. When you read the content in reverse, your brain starts to look for new mistakes that it may otherwise pass up.

Own Up to The Mistake

If your customized labels make it into the store before you notice a typo, the best thing you can do in this situation is own up to the mistake. Immediately correct the labeling mistake, update the product as quickly as possible, and release a blog post and social media blurb to publicly own up to the mistake to let your customers know that you’ve corrected it.

Reprint Customized Labels

If you don’t notice the typo on your product labels until after you’ve received them, Sheet-Labels.com can get you a reprinted version in no time at all. Our fast turnaround time allows us to get you your labels as early as the next day! As a reminder, it’s always helpful to order a printed proof of your order before approving the final label template.

For more information on reprinting your customized labels or creating top-notch product labels the first time around, contact Sheet-Labels.com today!  

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