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3 Reasons Why Clear Labels Are Growing in Popularity

October 11, 2016

Clear labels have been growing in popularity over the past few years, particularly because clean packaging is in and brands are trying to remain as transparent as possible with their clients. Clear sticker printing can help you to drive sales and acquire new customers—all you need to do is ensure that your packaging is transparent and that customers can see what’s inside!


According to Dr. R. Andrew Hurley from the Sonco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics at Clemson University in South Carolina, an unseen product is an unsold product. Today’s shoppers are more likely to purchase a product that uses clear packaging since the consumer can view the product inside.

Plus, clear packaging is actually less work for companies to develop since clear labels place the focus on natural quality instead of creative packaging and design.


Transparent labels and packaging are a more cost-effective option to traditional packaging and colored labels. Transparent packaging is much simpler and are often made from recyclable materials such as plastic or glass, which means less expenses for your brand.

SheetLabels.com offers you five cost-effective choices for achieving the perfect clear label for your band. We offer Crystal Clear Gloss, Crystal Clear Gloss Weatherproof, Frosty Clear Matte, Clear Static Cling, and Clear BOPP Permanent.

Our Crystal Clear Gloss labels are inkjet printer compatible, and our Crystal Clear Gloss Weatherproof, Frosty Clear Matte and Clear Static Cling labels are laser printer compatible. The Clear BOPP permanent labels are available as roll labels.

It Appeals to Conscious Consumers

Approximately 15 million Americans have food allergies, which puts a dent in many people’s shopping trips to the grocery store. Many of these people spend extra time reading food labels from front to back, and clear sticker printing makes the process a whole lot easier on shoppers with food allergies.

Instead of relying completely on the food label, shoppers can see through the packaging where the food is visible. If they see something that looks like yogurt or cheese and they have a dairy allergy, they probably won’t bother picking up the item to read the label. On the other hand, shoppers will be more likely to pick up a food item if they see something inside the package that catches their eye.

In addition to being beneficial to people with food allergies and intolerances, clear packaging has a natural appearance, which is perfect for organic, natural, or healthier food options. For example, Agave in the Raw Sweetener is sold in a transparent bottle with clear labeling, which matches its name perfectly. 

Give Clear Sticker Printing a Try

Transparent packaging is a rising trend. According to a 2015 article from Food Business News, “organic growth for clear labeling” was ranked the number one trend for 2016. If you frequent your local grocery store, you can see for yourself that this prediction was spot-on.

From brands such as Agave in the Raw, KIND Snacks, to Bear Naked Granola—transparent packaging can be found nearly anywhere in your grocery store. 

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