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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Labels

August 26, 2016

You know the feeling—you and your team have put months or years into brainstorming ideas for developing the perfect product, and your company is finally ready to move onto the next steps in the process.

Choosing the appropriate packaging, product label, and product label printing options are all incredibly important steps in the process, so you want to put the time and effort into finding the best possible solution for your brand.

Whether you have a new product to market or your company is going through the process of rebranding, there are several mistakes you’ll want to avoid to ensure that your product looks its absolute best by the time it hits the store shelves

You Didn’t Do Your Homework

One of the most important steps in launching a new product is performing market and product research. By taking the time to figure out what your target audience is looking for, you can be sure that you’re offering your ideal customers the best possible product. By taking the time to check out your competitor’s product packaging, labeling, and pricing, you can be sure that you’re differentiating yourself enough so that your product will stand out in the aisle.

An effective way to make your product stand out is to make sure that you choose eye-catching product labels that draw the shopper in. While there are labels that can be used for multiple purposes, it’s important to find a label material that is designed to be used with your specific product.

You Didn’t Compare Labels

There are three main types of product labels: cut-to-size labels, sheet labels, and printed roll labels. Before you choose any of the three options, it’s important to know the advantages to using each type of label. Roll labels are essential for when you need larger quantities. Plus, product label printing is quicker with roll labels since they print in one continuous line.

Sheet labels, on the other hand, must be printed one sheet at a time. Roll labels also offer the fastest distribution time and are great options for assembly and packing lines. They also offer the best options for label dispensers and automatic label applicators.

If you’ll be printing labels at home or in the office using a laser or inkjet printer, then sheet labels may be your best bet. Cut-to-size labels are ideal for name tags, coffee bags, stickers, and giveaway items.

While cut-to-size labels may sound tedious, they’re actually not! You receive your labels cut to the size you need, so you don’t need to do any of the cutting on your own time. Cut-to-size labels are perfect for small to mid-size products.

You Didn’t Request Samples

You’ve done your research and you think you found the perfect product label printing option for your brand. The only problem is that you haven’t actually seen a sample and haven’t tested the label on your product. With SheetLabels.com, you can request free samples for each product offered. Requesting free samples is an absolute must before placing an order.

Before you place an order, it is also recommended that you request a hard copy proof with your printed artwork to ensure that the shape, size, and colors on the product label all meet your expectations. 

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