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3 Creative Touches to Add to Your Product's Label

August 30, 2016

According to The Statistics Portal, the average American makes approximately 1.5 trips to the grocery store each week. The average number of grocery shopping trips has continued to decline since 2006 when Americans made an average of 2 shopping trips per week. The number increased slightly in 2012 with 2.2 shopping trips per week and has been declining ever since.

Since shoppers are heading to the grocery store less and less, we don’t have as much time to connect with new customers. We get one day out of the week to grab the attention of a new customer—and keep them coming back for more.

Make Your Product Stand Out Online and In-Store

Online shopping is growing in popularity, and more shoppers are spending time researching a product online before heading to the store. According to Mintel, 72 percent of American shoppers are heading online to seek out the opinions of others before purchasing a new product.

When a consumer conducts online research prior to making a purchase and visits your company’s website, they get to learn all about the company’s background, mission, and products. When a shopper picks up your product in the store and reads the label, they don’t always get this useful background information, even on customized labels.

Tell a Story Like Annie’s

You may be familiar with Annie’s Homegrown—the brand with the bunny logo at the top of every package. Annie’s sells crackers, cookies, pasta, pizzas, fruit snacks, dressings, and more.

Not only are Annie’s products eye-catching thanks to bright colors, creative fonts, and easy-to-read information, but each package includes an interesting story about the company’s mission. On all of Annie’s products, you’ll find a section that says “Meet Bernie” which talks about the company’s mascot, who happens to be Annie’s pet Dutch bunny named Bernie.

Personalize Your Message

Annie’s Homegrown is successfully targeting families who want to eat healthier snack foods without added preservatives. Annie shares her passion for organic food by including a letter on all of her packaging. The letter helps customers to get a feel for who Annie is and what type of business she runs. 

Found on the packaging of each of Annie’s products is a letter titled “Dear Friend” which explains Annie’s mission to provide organic snacks to customers. Including a letter personalized to fit the needs of your target audience is a nice way to attract customers, both online and in-store.

Include Ingredient Information on Customized Labels

Nutritional labels are required for food products, but some companies go above and beyond the nutritional label to define any ingredients that customers may be unfamiliar with.

For example, Annie’s Homegrown includes a short history lesson on the packaging of her Double Chocolate Chip Gluten-Free Granola Bars. She provides a few small pieces of information about cacao, an ingredient used in the granola bars, and includes background information about the history of cacao.

Since Annie goes out of her way to break the ingredient information down into easy-to-read text, customers are likely to purchase her products because they feel cognitively fluent and can connect with Annie’s message. In 2013, Annie’s was ranked number 10 on Forbes’ list of America’s Best Small Companies. They must be doing something right!

Don’t Miss These Creative Touches

By incorporating these 3 creative touches into your customized product labels, you can connect with your customers in a way that many other brands do not.

When you include your company’s mission and history on the product label, you save your target audience the time that they would spend researching similar information on your company’s website. It’s a win-win for all! 

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