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3 Benefits to Using Promotional Labels

September 15, 2016

Product labels are meant to make your products stand out on the shelves, but maybe you want shoppers to notice something other than the everyday product label, like a special sale, coupon, or promotion. That’s where promotional labels come in handy. Promotional labels run for shorter lengths of time and use catchy colors to make them pop out on the shelves. In addition, promotional labels help your brand to display a strong message, whether it’s during a special promotion or if you’re testing out a new market. Promotional labels allow you to try out different options and compare results.

Sheet Labels offers a variety of effective promotional labels for any of your advertising needs and it’s easy to request samples or proofs so you can consider all of the options before deciding on the perfect label for your promotion. When you’ve made your decision, you can easily order promotional product labels online from Sheet-Labels.com. Some of the primary industries we serve include Food & Beverage, Chemical, Automotive, Wine & Craft Beverage, Cosmetic, Nutraceutical, Manufacturing, and more.

They Attract Customers to Something New

When you use promotional labels to advertise a particular sale, you will have a better chance of bringing customers to your product. According to Label & Narrow Web (L&NW), the goal of the promotional label is to attract customers to something new or different about a product. Promotional labels typically won’t run for as long as long as everyday labels and they use a different set of colors and features to set them apart from the others.

In-mold labeling is another type of label that can be used to promote a product. They are often used to promote items such as cups while working to promote a concert, movie, or sporting event. Shelf talkers, on the other hand, do exactly what the name suggests. They are meant to talk to customers or call out to them. These labels may include coupons, peel-off stickers, or product inserts.

Promotional Labels Have High Success Rates

Another type of promotional label includes instant redeemable coupons (IRCs). In an article published by L&NW, they explain that IRCs have a high success rate because customers feel good knowing that they received a great deal on their purchase. Plus, they are attention-grabbing and stand out over the labels that do not have them. 

According to the article, products with promotional offers sell faster than those that don’t. The 2014 Inmar Coupon Trend Report showed that IRCs are growing in effectiveness. IRCs had a 32.67 redemption rate in 2014 while Sunday supplement coupons had a 0.4 percent redemption rate and free standing inserts (FSI) had a 0.29 percent redemption rate, below the industry average of 0.47 percent. In 2013, magazine pop-up coupons had a 0.22 percent redemption rate and FSI coupons decreased from 0.55 percent to 0.47 percent. Print-at-home internet coupons decreased from 11.91 percent to 9 percent. IRC coupons had a 23.85 percent redemption rate.

Adam Gray, President, and CEO of Sheet-Labels.com, spoke to L&NW about the importance of staying true to your original brand when using promotional labels. “A key factor for successful promotional labels involves standing out from the original brand messaging,” he said. “It should, however, not appear to be a different brand in itself, as brand association is critical.”

In order for IRCs to be effective in the long run, these promotional labels should stand out from their original, everyday product labels, but they should still look similar enough to the original brand. When you buy new promotional product labels online, you don’t want them to be too different or customers won’t be able to identify them with your brand.

Gray also explained how freshening up old labels can have a positive effect on attracting the attention of new customers. “Older, more commonly seen labels having a fresh look can attract a new customer base that may have not noticed the product before. Cycling through various sets of imagery while keeping the baseline brand the same can also show consumers that the brand cares about the quality of their product,” he said. “By keeping it fresh and within trends, the company can also show that it cares about communicating its purpose to the consumer.”

You Can Add Personal Touches

Customization is incredibly important when it comes to promotional labeling. Even though you don’t want to stray too far from your brand’s normal look, you can add special effects to your promotional labels to make them even more eye-catching. Gray told L&NW that customization is the “backbone of promotional labeling”.

To customize their products, some customers choose to use foils, laminates and finishing to create the look of a sophisticated and high-end product. However, you still want to make sure that your new look isn’t too “out there” and isn’t recognizable by your loyal customers.

To ensure that your new promotion will be successful, Gray suggests testing the product in a small geographic location first. “When brand owners are working to communicate a new message, test a product in a small geographic location to see if it is a success, or promote a product or new pricing model,” he said. “All of these variables require the labels to be customized exactly to these campaigns. Often times, the labels are small quantity lots, tailored to varying messages for the same brand.”

Let Sheet-Labels.com Help

Founded in 2006 by President and CEO Adam Gray, Sheet-Labels.com currently serves more than 50,000 customers nationwide. Our customers range from small startups to seasoned Fortune 500 companies. We can provide you with solutions to your labeling and commercial printing needs, as well as graphic design services.

Whatever your company chooses to use for your next promotion or giveaway, Sheet-Labels.com can help. We’ve recently invested in a Domino N610i UV inkjet press to meet growing demands in the short- and mid-run categories. Browse our materials to see the types of labels that we offer. We’re here to help you with purchasing your product labels online! 

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