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25 Packaging & Labeling Industry Influencers on Twitter

November 18, 2014

Social media is one of the best ways to connect with other professionals in your industry, and online engagement is one of the keys to success online. Networking with these industry influencers is essential for becoming an authority yourself, and will also help to have your brand seen and heard on the busy web. Social media is also a very helpful tool to help keep you up to date with industry news and trends.

The influential users in your niche are the ones who are going to be sharing the type of content that you want to be reading, and some of the news they may share at times could be something you shared originally. There is a lot of great packaging and label related content that is being shared on a daily basis. The hardest part for most people that are just getting started out on Twitter is finding the best people to connect with in your niche.

Here are 25 influential Twitter users that share quality content that is related to packaging and labeling:

  1. Packaging Digest – Packaging Digest has consistently been one the packaging industry’s most well-known and trusted packaging industry information resources.
  2. Packaging World - Packaging World is another one of the most trusted sources of packaging information in the world. Covering the packaging industry with plenty of great information including news, trends and much more.
  3. Labelexpo – Labelexpo are known in the industry for their conferences and other events around the globe, but they are also sharing a lot of great info right here on their Twitter feed.
  4. PMMI – This is another well-known organization in the packaging industry. They are known for the conferences that they organize such as PackExpo, but they also have a very good site with all kinds of packaging info, and their Twitter feed is another must follow for any industry pros.
  5. Label and Narrow – Working in the packaging/labeling industry you are most likely already familiar with Label & Narrow. On Twitter they are sharing just as much great info as they do on their website.
  6. JoAnn Hines, The Packaging Diva – JoAnn Hines is well known in the packaging niche, and her influence can be seen all across the web. She is known by many as The Packaging Diva, and when you see all of the great things that she shares you will see why she is so important and influential within the industry.
  7. The Dieline – Another must follow for all packaging and labeling industry folks is The Dieline. This twitter feed is updated frequently and is full of useful content related to packaging and more.
  8. Future of Packaging – Here is another Twitter account that is very influential for industry pros. Future of Packaging shares many great resources related to the industry and also discuss trends and the future of the industry.
  9. Packaging Speak – Package Speak does exactly what their Twitter handle implies, they speak packaging. They share all kinds of good info and they should be on your must follow list if you work in packaging and labeling.
  10. TLMI – TLMI is an association that is committed to providing members with all types of important information about the narrow web tag, label, & packaging industries.
  11. Packaging Trends – Packaging Trends is managed by Anne Marie Mohan, who is the managing editor of GreenerPackage.com. She shares a lot of important packaging resources including package design, consumer buying habits, and much more.
  12. Packaging Gazette – The Packaging Gazette is a specialty magazine geared towards packaging for food and drink manufacturers. They also share some excellent information relevant to the packaging industry as a whole.
  13. Packaging of the World – Packaging of the World is a Twitter feed full of package photos, resources, and much more.  If you have a design that you want to share with the world be sure to make them aware of it.
  14. JuanDD Packaging – This Twitter feed is run by a freelance journalist who does a lot of work within the packaging and labeling industries. He is very influential online and shares some excellent industry related information.
  15. Packaging Innovations – This Twitter feed is based around the Packaging Innovations series of conferences in the UK, but they also share a lot of valuable industry information and resources.
  16. Labels and Labeling – Labels and Labeling is another industry site that most of you probably already know. If you are not familiar with them you should get familiar with them on their website and right here on their Twitter account. They are an important resource in the industry and the Twitter feed they maintain is valuable.
  17. Lovely Package – Lovely Package is always sharing amazing packaging designs from all over the world. If you love packaging, labeling, and top notch design then you will not be disappointed!
  18. Converter News – Converter News is a site that covers news related to packaging, labeling, adhesives, and much more. Their Twitter channel is updated frequently with resources that everyone in the industry appreciate.
  19. Digital Labels and Pack – Digital Labels and Packaging focuses on digital printing and how it is being adopted by packaging and label suppliers worldwide. They share a lot of great info related to packaging and labeling of all kinds.
  20. Packaging Labels – This Packaging Labels Twitter account is another one that you should be following since they share labeling & packaging news.
  21. Food and Beverage Packaging – Here is an influential Twitter feed that deals with strictly the food and beverage packaging industry. The food and beverage industry is one of the largest when it comes to packaging, so you can be assured that you will find many great resources being shared here.
  22. Packaging News – Packaging News is a leader in the packaging industry and can help keep you current on the latest news and products in the packaging industry.
  23. Packprint World – Here is another great Twitter feed all about the design and printing of all different types of packaging products.
  24. Labelling Blog – The labeling and packaging industry is always busy with new trends and industry news, and Labelling Blog is another account to follow that can help keep you up to date.
  25. Packaging Hotline – Packaging Hotline is another place to find information regarding packaging news, equipment, machinery, business services, and much more.

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