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22 Online Destinations for Packaging Design Inspiration in 2015

January 05, 2015

Packaging has come a long way over the years, and in this day and age it is very important for your product packaging to stand out. No matter what industry you are in, there is bound to be plenty of tough competition. In order to make your packaging stand out above other brands, it all boils down to your design.

Good design can help launch a brand towards success, but it can also hinder a brand if the packaging has no stand out qualities. Being creative is an important quality for designers, but sometimes a little extra inspiration is needed to help bring a project to the next level.

This list covers some of the best blogs for design inspiration, and we also added 7 individual blog posts that show off some amazing product packaging designs.

Inspirational Design Blogs

The Art of Packaging is a packaging design gallery that publishes amazing package designs from all over the world. They accept submissions, so you can show off your own designs if you have some that you are especially proud of. The designs you will find throughout the site can provide plenty of inspiration!

Package Design Magazine is full of all kinds of helpful information for designers. They not only show off award winning designs, but they also have a lot of excellent content that can help you become a better designer.

The Packaging Design Archive is another site that all designers that work with product packaging should be following. The site has a huge collection of quality packaging designs and the site lets you sort the archives in multiple different ways so finding similar packaging products to yours can be easy. 

Brand New is a division of design corporation Under Consideration, which is a design enterprise with multiple blogs, books, and much more. The purpose of Brand New is to discuss brand identity work. On the site you will see examples of graphic design for all types of packaging related products and much more.

Ambalaj is a packaging design blog that publishes international news and trends within the packaging industry. The site was started in 2008 and since then it has grown into a popular and inspirational product packaging database.

The Packaging of the World website is a popular website that showcases product packaging designs from all over the world. They have an extensive collection and it is easy for anyone to submit their own design work to be considered for inclusion. 

The Packaging Design Blog is a popular packaging industry blog that has a lot of information related to packaging design. The site was created to be a resource for designers that work in the packaging industry and they have plenty of posts that will help provide the inspiration you are seeking.

BP&O stands for “Branding, Packaging, & Opinion”, and it covers all of these things very well. The site was founded by Richard Baird, who is a specialist when it comes to brand identity and packaging. He has written for other notable publications including Design Week and The Dieline. 

Packaging Design Served is another top notch destination for package design inspiration and showcasing your design work. The site features curated work from some of the most creative designers on Behance that work with packaging and branding.

Most of you probably already know all about The Dieline since it is a very well-known industry publication. This site has provided, and continues to provide inspiration to designers working in the packaging industry. The Dieline also allows submissions of graphic design, content, and questions.

The HOW blog is another design oriented destination that is also available as a printed magazine. The brand started out as a magazine publisher back in the 80s and over the years have built up a great resource for both on and offline. 

Designer Daily is a graphic and web design blog, they cover design from all different areas. Good design in general can help give you the inspiration that you need for a packaging project. As a designer, it is important to spend time admiring other design, no matter what it is for. Admiring other work will help you become a better and more creative designer.

Lovely Package has been mentioned in a blog post in the past, but the site is a good one and is perfect for this post. The site showcases top level packaging design that they find on their own or users submit to the site. In addition to helping to provide inspiration, you can also send in some of your favorite design work.

Core77 is a site that all designers should know about since it provides networking, inspiration, design competitions, and many other things that can make a good designer great. The site has many other resources for designers including exhibits, lectures, and much more!

Designspiration is a website that is focused on curating a high level of great design inspiration to share around the world. You can create an account so you can save and organize the things on the site that do inspire you.

Inspirational Blog Posts

The following 7 blog posts are also full of awesome product packaging designs that may help inspire you on your next project!

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