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2017 Wine & Spirit Label Design Trends

February 10, 2017

Is there anything more alluring than customized wine labels? Whether you’re a wine lover or not, many of us can agree that wine bottles feature some of the most beautiful label designs around. But it isn’t all about the design when it comes to creating a top-notch wine label; according to Label & Narrow Web (L&NW), 2017 wine and spirit label trends have a lot to do with pressure-sensitive labels (PS labels). Below, we’ll highlight some of the top 2017 pressure-sensitive label trends that capture consumer attention and stand out above the rest.

Trend 1: Textured Stock Labels

According to L&NW, 2017 is the year of the textured stock label. Textured labels come in a variety of textures including micro-textured, felt, vellum, linen, and dappled. Not only are they attractive and unique to the touch, but they are perfect for attracting a younger and more sophisticated demographic.

Trend 2: Intricate Diecut Labels

L&NW predicts that customized wine labels will take on unique shapes, designs, and cut-outs in 2017. Not only do cut-out labels give wine and spirit bottles a touch of creative flair, but cut-out labels look fresh, new, and modern compared to the standard circular or rectangular wine bottle labels.

Trend 3: Using Multiple Labels

According to L&NW, customized wine labels are better in multiples. From neck to cap labels, to back of bottle labels, applying multiple labels to a wine bottle can add a sophisticated look and feel, helping the product to stand out on the shelves.

Trend 4: Back of Bottle Labels

According to Labels & Labeling, 2017 will bring an upgrade to back of bottle labels as well. This year, back of bottle labels will need to do more than just simply convey information about the product. Labels & Labeling says that back of bottle labels will be heavily embellished and more complex than they have traditionally been.

However, environmentally-friendly wine labels will continue to grow, as well as the handcrafted wine label trend. Embellished labels and handcrafted labels are obviously two different wine label trends, so the choice between the two will all come down to the story the brand wishes to tell.

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