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2 Ways Labels Can Add Personality to Your Brand

September 05, 2016

How boring would products be if every single item looked the same and nothing stood out? What if every product label used the same colors, identical fonts, and included no unique features? According to Business.com, 70 percent of purchasing decisions are made in-store and are not planned ahead, so eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing product labels are incredibly important to attract customers to your brand.

Thanks to a wide variety of product labels in the form of roll label printing, individual cut downs, and sheet labels, Sheet-Labels.com has everything you’d need to create a successful product label. All you need now is a little personality and zest to spice up your typical product label!

Labels Represent the Tone of Your Brand

Just like people with strong personalities, brands with big personalities can help to motivate, encourage, and sell products. If you look at your brand as a personality, you probably want it to stand out above the rest and offer something different than its competitors. It all starts with the product label! Labels can turn boring packaging into fun, eye-catching products. How dull would beer or wine bottles look without the creative product label? 

For example, you can step away from the ordinary wine label by choosing something more specialized to your target audience, such as these wine bottle labels. These labels are interesting because they help shoppers to feel a certain way, and the designs and colors are unique.

Labels Leave a Lasting Impression

Think back to all of those great products you loved as a kid—chances are that you may remember the product’s packaging rather than the name or anything else about the product. Labels can leave a lasting impression on consumers, which helps to keep them coming back for more. Labels that speak loudly show shoppers that they’re going to have a much better time if they choose your product over any of the others.

For example, it may be more difficult remember the name of this brand of wine, but it will be impossible to forget the clever boarding pass wine label that they use.

Personalized Packaging Adds More Personality

Roll label printing, individual cut downs, or sheet labels can all help to add personality to your product, but custom printed labels can also add personality to your packaging as well. The best part about branding your packaging materials is that it may be reused for months or years to come if your packaging is reusable or recyclable.

Not only will your customers have packaging that they can reuse for other purposes, but chances are that they’ll have the product on display for others to see, which is basically free advertising for you!

Customize Your Products By Choosing Colors Carefully

According to Business.com, a study called Impact of Color on Marketing found that 62 to 90 percent of consumers base their first impression of a product on color alone. Brown and green colors tend to set an organic tone, while purple colors represent quality. Blue tends to be a neutral color for both men and women.

Choosing the correct colors is an important step to adding personality to your brand, and choosing quality labels will impact the way your colors look when printed. Whether you decide to use our roll label printing services, sheets, or individual cut downs, we’ve got you covered. Browse our selection of label materials and find your perfect labels today! 

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