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11 Unintentionally Funny Warning Labels

October 29, 2014
warning labels

We see warning labels every day of our lives, but every once in a while we see one that makes us do a double take. The reason some of these warning labels look funny to most of us is because they are saying the obvious. The companies that make them want everyone to easily be able to see what the risk is. This protects the manufacturer of the product from lawsuits that can spring up from the products not being used the right way. Even though most people know the do's and don’ts, there are people that sometimes do things without thinking them through.

Here are 11 warning labels that are all amusing in how they go about telling people the perils linked with a specific product or way of doing something. Some of them are different than a traditional warning that you may see on a product, but they will all make you wonder why they are needed in the first place.

This first warning label is on a carton of eggs, and it is completely stating the obvious. We would hope that the person reading the warning label would already know that a carton of eggs contain eggs, and that they should not eat them if they have an allergy.

egg warning label

This warning label is from the side of a chainsaw, and it makes complete sense why it would be there. The image on the label seems a bit much since most people would know the dangers associated with holding the chainsaw the wrong way. 

chainsaw warning label

The next warning label is another one that makes you wonder why it is needed? We do not even know if it is humanly possible for someone to swallow a coathanger in the manner that the image depicts. Just keep in mind that it is never alright to eat a coat hanger.

coat hanger warning label

The label is another one that we would think that most people would already know, especially if they have small children. Even if a person does not have children they should know that you do not stick your hand into a diaper in this manner unless you want a mess.

diaper warning

This hair straightener warning label is another funny one that is stating something that should be common sense. We would like to think that anyone that is using a product like this knows that it is hot, and that it should not go in your eyes.

hair straightener warning label

This label is a instructional warning label, but it is not one that is warning people how to protect themselves. This one just wants to inform people that a hat is for the head and not to be used as a seat or a shoe.

hat warning label

This label is from another product that almost everyone has in their home, an iron. Irons can get very hot and the heat that radiates from a hot iron can be felt even from a couple feet away. This warning just wants to ensure that anyone
using the iron knows that it gets hot, and should never be used to iron clothes that you may be wearing at the time.

iron warning label

This clothing label just wants to remind parents that they should always remove their child from the clothing before putting the garment into the washing machine.

remove child warning label

This scooter has a warning label to make sure that you know that the scooter does move when being used.

scooter warning label

If you are a soda drinker than this label will be very familiar to you. Always remember to point the top away from your face whenever you are opening a bottle.

soda bottle label

Last but not least is this warning from a toilet. It is important to remember that you should not be standing on this type of toilet, it is meant for sitting and if you use it any other way you are risking injuring yourself.

toilet warning label

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