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10 Uses for All Temperature Latex Labels

March 16, 2017

Whether you need to print waterproof labels, temperature resistant labels, or moisture resistant labels, we have the perfect labeling solution for you—our All Temperature Latex labels! Our All Temperature Latex Labels are available as White All Temperature Latex labels (for laser printers) or as White Uncoated All Temperature labels (for inkjet or laser printers). Whether your product needs to be refrigerated, used outdoors, or exposed to high heat, these labels are perfect for you. Below, we’ll give you ten interesting ideas for using our All Temperature Latex labels.

Lip Balm Labels

Lip balm gets handled a lot—especially during the winter months. Additionally, lip balm products can get greasy or sticky if the right label isn’t used. Our All Temperature labels are the perfect solution to your lip balm dilemmas.

Dairy Products

When you need to print waterproof labels or moisture resistant labels for dairy products, these labels are the perfect solution. Our All Temperature Latex labels can be used in temperatures as low as 60 below!

Medical Charts

Our White All Temperature Latex labels feature a writable paper surface, which makes them perfect for using on medical charts. Color code your medical charts or make important messages or updates stand out with our White Uncoated or White All Temperature labels. 

E-Cigarette Labels

Whether you need printed or blank e-cigarette labels, these labels are ideal for labeling vapor products. These labels are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet any of your labeling needs.  

Baby Bottles

Whether you need these labels for personal or professional use, our All Temperature labels work wonders on baby bottles. They keep baby bottles organized, clearly labeled, and color-coded.

Outdoor Labels

Whether you need to print waterproof labels that withstand any type of moisture or precipitation, or you need labels that can handle high or low temperatures—our All Temperature labels are perfect for outdoor use. Our White All Temperature Latex labels can be used in temperatures as low as 60 below or as high as 210 degrees. Plus, the permanent, all temperature adhesive makes them durable for long-lasting use. Alternately, our White Uncoated All Temperature labels can be used in temperatures as low as 65 below or as high as 200 degrees.

Fragrance Bottles

Just like there is a perfume or cologne out there to meet each man or woman’s fragrance preferences, we have a shape, size, and style of label to fit any type of fragrance bottle on the market.


Candle products need a label that can handle high heat. The last thing you want is your candle label melting or withering away. Our temperature resistant labels are what you need to ensure that your candle labels look sophisticated and attractive after multiple uses. 

Spice Containers

Whether you need to label spices for personal or professional reasons, spices need to be clearly labeled. If not, the spice may go entirely unused! Just imagine how difficult it would be to cook if spices weren’t properly labeled. Our All Temperature labels are the perfect solution to your spice label needs.

Bakery Products

Whether the bakery item needs to be kept cool or warm, our All Temperature labels make bakery products look as wonderful as they taste.

Interested in learning more about our All Temperature labels or our many other label materials? Contact Sheet-Labels.com today! 

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