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Using Packaging to Reward Your Customers

April 30, 2015

Packaging serves many different purposes besides just protecting the products contained within them. It is also a great tool for marketing, sending messages to customers, and even rewarding your customers.

Packaging has come a long way over the years, and it continues to evolve as new technologies are introduced and strategies are refined. Everything about packaging adds to the overall look, feel, and emotions it will touch in consumers, from the colors and font, to the logo and label.

One of the nicest things about product packaging is that since it is such a great tool for messaging, it is one of the best ways to reward your loyal customers. Giving something back shows them how much you value them as a loyal customer, and it is a great way to build brand loyalty as well as brand ambassadors for the long haul.

Here are just a few of the ways in which your brands product packaging can be used to reward customers.


Including coupons with your packaging is always a nice way to give your customers a small reward for buying your product. These can be printed on the actual package, or placed inside the box.

Coupons always make consumers happy since it is a way they can save some money, even if is not much, it still saves them something. Helping your customers save money is always a way to help band brand loyalty, and hopefully brand ambassadors.


Contests that are advertised on packaging will always grab people’s attention, and it can even persuade a consumer to buy the product if the contest prize is something that interests them.  You will pick up new fans of the product that come from these people that try your product for the first time because of the contest. This makes it another way to get new people to try your product.


Fun little games included on the back of cereal boxes is always plenty of fun for the kids, so why not do something similar with your brands packaging. Keeping children entertained will also give their parents a little break, so you are rewarding them in a different kind of way than normal, but it helps give them a few minutes to unwind.

Children’s Toys

This is another very popular way to reward the children of consumers to get them to buy certain cereal products, and it has been going on for many years. It is another of the ways that brands reward children, which in turn gets the parents to buy the products for them.

McDonalds has always done a similar thing with their infamous Happy Meal packaging, and the strategy has paid off for them for a long time now and continues to do so.

Reusable Packaging Options

Giving your customers something useful with your product packaging is another way to reward them. An example of this is the Green Box, which some of you may have seen on Shark Tank. It is a pizza box that turns into plates, and then a container for the leftovers. This makes it easy for them to enjoy your pizza without having any dirty dishes to clean up. It can also be helpful if they are out on the road and do not have access to real plates.

This is not a reward per say, but it is something that benefits consumers in multiple ways, and also benefits the environment. Packaging that is eco-friendly is becoming more important to educated consumers as more of them become aware of their effect on the environment.

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