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Polyester Laser Labels: For Your Toughest Labeling Projects You Need The Polyester Label Materials From SheetLabels.com!

November 08, 2013

Are you looking for durable labels for your industrial labeling needs or product packaging? At SheetLabels.com we believe our customers deserve options when it comes to their tough indoor and outdoor labeling projects.

At SheetLabels.com there are six polyester label material options for our customers to choose from. The six weatherproof polyester materials available for customers to choose from include:

  1. White Matte Polyester Laser Weatherproof
  2. White Gloss Polyester Laser Weatherproof
  3. Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester Laser Weatherproof
  4. Frosty Clear Matte Polyester Laser Weatherproof
  5. Silver Matte Polyester Laser Weatherproof
  6. Removable White Polyester Laser Weatherproof
  7. High-Tack White Polyester Laser Weatherproof (only sold as printed labels)

Each of the six polyester label materials from SheetLabels.com is unique, durable, tear-resistant and weatherproof. The polyester labels are ideal for your toughest labeling projects.

The White Matte Polyester Laser label material has a white surface that’s great for printing. This label material also has a permanent adhesive and depending on application can last up to two years outdoors!

The White Gloss Polyester Laser label material has a shiny, gloss white surface that allows your artwork to take center stage. This label material has a permanent adhesive that's perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester Laser label material has a gloss surface that allows your artwork to shine! This product is specially designed to give a professional crystal clear gloss finish to most label applications.

The Frosty Clear Matte Polyester Laser label material has a “frosty” matte finish and is 2.5mil thick for extra durability. These labels can withstand temperatures ranging from -4 degrees Fahrenheit through +212 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Silver Matte Polyester Laser labels from SheetLabels.com have a silver matte finish leaving a professional appearance when added to any labeling project. These labels are designed for many industrial applications!

The Removable White Polyester Laser labels from SheetLabels.com have a white surface and a matte finish. This label material has a removable adhesive that is designed to remove easily from most surfaces.

The High-Tack White Polyester Laser label material available at SheetLabels.com is a highly durable label stock made from a polyester material with a higher tack adhesive than most other products, designed for a quicker initial adhesion to a variety of surfaces.

The polyester label materials are compatible with laser printers. Laser printers use toners, which are powders. The toners are heated up and fused into the polyester laser label materials. Are you interested in ordering custom printed labels from SheetLabels.com? All of the polyester laser label materials can be ordered custom printed! The two options available for printed label customers are:

  1. Printed labels on a sheet
  2. Individual printed labels

As fall turns into winter and you need labels that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor labeling projects, remember the polyester label materials available at SheetLabels.com!

Have you ever ordered any of the polyester label materials sold at SheetLabels.com? Do you prefer to order your polyester labels blank or custom printed? Share your answers on our Facebook or Twitter pages by using #SLIBlog!

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Excellent Customer Service

Best customer service I've experienced in a long time. Always prompt with an answer or the willingness to find it, these folks aim to please their customer. The difference I am paying in price is astounding. Not only first rate service, but quality materials at a reasonable price. Who... read more
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great service

gold foil round 12-up labels are great product & fast shipping; thank you!
Tom M.
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