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How Stickers & Magnets Can Help Grow Your Brand

September 28, 2016

As a company, you’re constantly competing with numerous other businesses to put your name out there and achieve brand awareness. A couple of great strategies for driving consumers to your brand include the use of promotional stickers and custom fridge magnets. There are endless possibilities for you to use stickers that display your company’s contact information and magnets are excellent for the home or office. If you’re looking for a new way to advertise your services, magnets and stickers might be the next best thing for you.

How Stickers Help Your Brand

Stickers have been used as an effective advertising tool for years and years. When you use stickers to promote your brand’s services, you need to include important information such as your company’s name, phone number, address, logo, website, and even your social media platforms.

Some brands even go as far as including their company’s mission statement, inspirational quotes, or funny phrases. Using a little creativity helps to increase your chances of getting your brand noticed.

At SheetLabels.com, we offer a variety of automotive sticker options such as custom printed window stickers, pre-printed window stickers, and blank window stickers. Our stickers are highly durable and are made with weather-resistant materials to ensure that your brand always gets noticed, even in cold, rainy, or snowy climates.

Stickers Aren’t Just for Cars

We get it—not everyone is crazy about bumper stickers or automotive stickers. In addition to designing stickers for automotive use, stickers can also be used on laptops, notebooks, three-ring binders, water bottles, windows, phones, equipment, lockers, and book covers.

You should design stickers with brand awareness in mind, and the only way to get your brand noticed is to place the stickers in public places where you’re sure to get attention. Duct Tape Marketing describes sticker marketing as “old school social media” since people were “liking”, “posting”, and “sharing” promotional stickers long before social media began!

Grow Your Brand with Custom Fridge Magnets

As long as you receive mail, pay bills, or have a refrigerator or metal file cabinet, nearly anyone can appreciate the benefits of fridge magnets. Refrigerator magnets are incredibly handy for displaying important information in plain sight where it cannot be lost. However, magnets are meant to do more than just stick important information to the refrigerator. They’re also meant to create brand awareness.

How many times have you received a magnet for free from a fair, the mall, or in the mail, and immediately stuck it to your refrigerator just in case you might need it later? Maybe you received a custom fridge magnet designed for a local vet, auto repair shop, or air conditioning repair service. Chances are, you’d rather give them a call if their contact information is displayed in plain sight, rather than spend the extra time looking for a reputable company online. Fridge magnets are useful, convenient, and effective.

Order Stickers and Magnets from SheetLabels.com

In order to create brand awareness using these advertising methods, you need to have great-looking stickers and magnets. SheetLabels.com can help! In addition to our automotive sticker options, we also offer a great variety of magnets. We sell magnets for business cards, cars, photos, refrigerators, save-the-dates, and holiday cards. Contact us today!

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