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Enhancing Your Scrapbook With Labels

November 03, 2014
scrapbooks and blank labels

Scrapbooking is a hobby that millions of people enjoy all over the world. It is a great way to save memories of your life, or certain periods of your life that you want to document. Scrapbooks are the ultimate piece of memorabilia that can be handed down from generation to generation.

Scrapbooking has a long history and can be dated all the way back to the 15th century with “commonplace books”. These books were used to compile information such as letters, recipes, and anything else that people wanted to save. In the 16th century, another type of scrapbook called “friendship books” became popular. These friendship books allowed people to have their friends sign them, draw on them, and add anything else that would serve as a reminder of their friendship.

Books similar to these were used for years, but when photography was invented, everything changed when it came to scrapbooking. Now people were able to collect photographs along with anything else that meant something to them and they evolved into the type of scrapbook that we are familiar with today. Today, scrapbooking is considered the third most popular craft in the United States.

A great way to organize and enhance your scrapbook is by taking advantage of blank labels. They can be used as dividers, category/section name labels, or even to write little notes on. Placing captions under your images can turn your scrapbook into something that can be a lot more than simply a traditional scrapbook. This can really give your book some personality and can become a very valuable family heirloom.

Once you decide that you want to add more character to your scrapbook by using labels, you can start looking at some of the available label options that would fit well with your scrapbook. If you really want to make something stand out on a certain page or section you could consider using silver or gold foil labels. Metallic labels will add a whole new dimension to your memories and can really make certain things come to life.

Another option that you could consider is adding quotes along with a selected picture in your book with these very cool starburst labels. These types of labels are perfect for calling attention to anything you want, and since they are blank, they are great for writing on.

To mount small pictures you can embed them underneath a large clear rectangular label. This will help protect the picture and also makes it easy to add the picture to your scrapbook. The best way to do this is to take the large clear label and stick to picture to the adhesive so it can be seen through the clear label when you attach that to the scrapbook. The picture will show perfectly underneath the label and it will help you organize your scrapbook in a much cleaner way than having to use messy glue or lots of tape. These large clear rectangular labels are also perfect for adding multiple small pictures below so you can create a filmstrip look. Lining them up will be easy by using the label adhesive and you know they will stay exactly how you meant them to be.

Specialty labels can really liven up any scrapbook project too, and there are a great deal of different unique shaped labels to choose from if you want to get artistic with scrapbooking. These unique shape labels can be used as accents, to highlight page titles, and much more. There is so much that can be done with scissors, a couple sheets of labels, and a little creativity!

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