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Learn About The Differences Between The White Label Materials At SheetLabels.com!

May 14, 2014

You may notice at SheetLabels.com we have many different white labels. But, you may be asking yourself “What’s different about these white labels?” Well, this blog is going to clear the air and discuss the differences between the different white labels available at SheetLabels.com.

The best way to discuss the differences between these labels is to break them down into “families”. The first family is our “Weatherproof Labels” family. These white Weatherproof labels available at SheetLabels.com are:

The White Matte Polyester label material has a white, matte surface with a permanent adhesive. These labels are extremely durable and ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The Removable White Polyester Laser material also has a white surface but these labels have a removable adhesive that’s great for marking retail shelves and for preproduction labeling. Our High-Tack White Polyester labels have an extremely sticky adhesive and for that reason, these labels are sold only as printed labels. Our Vinyl Inkjet Weatherproof labels are a white, vinyl material with a permanent adhesive. Unlike our other Weatherproof label materials, the Vinyl Inkjet Weatherproof material is compatible with inkjet printers.

The second label “family” is our “Premium Branded Products” category. The white labels in this category include:

The Spectacle® Laser and Spectacle® Inkjet label materials are both carefully composed of hand selected face stocks, adhesives, and liners in order to achieve the most presentable quality of printing and digital imagery. The main difference between these two label materials is that the Spectacle® Laser material is compatible with laser printers, photocopiers and offset printing presses while the Spectacle® Inkjet label material is compatible with inkjet printers. Our Re-Cover™ Blockout Laser/Inkjet labels are specifically designed to correct printing errors. These labels are certified to be used in both laser and inkjet printers. These labels have a white surface, permanent adhesive and can hide preprinted mistakes permanently with ease.

The third label “family” with white materials is our “Colored & Coated Papers” family. The white labels in this category are:

The White Gloss Laser label material at SheetLabels.com is made of premium quality face and liner. These labels are compatible with laser printers, photocopiers and offset printing presses. These labels showcase artwork beautifully and can be ordered blank or custom printed. The High Gloss Laser label material we have at SheetLabels.com is our highest quality gloss stock available. Manufactured with the highest quality premium grade face, liner, and adhesive; this stock provides customers the chance to receive photo quality finish in label form. These labels are also compatible with laser printers, which means you can order them blank or custom printed. The White Gloss Inkjet label material has many of the same characteristics as the White Gloss Laser material but the big difference is that these labels are compatible with inkjet printers and cannot be ordered custom printed from SheetLabels.com.

The fourth and final “family” that contains white label materials is our “Uncoated Papers” category. The white label materials available in this family include:

The Removable White Uncoated label material has a white surface and a removable adhesive. These paper labels can adhere and remove from most surfaces with ease. Also, our Removable White Uncoated labels are compatible with both laser and inkjet printers. The White Uncoated All Temperature labels can withstand a wide range of temperatures, which makes these labels ideal for labeling products that are stored in extremely hot and cold conditions. Our Premium White Uncoated Permanent labels have a white surface and a permanent adhesive. These labels are compatible with both laser and inkjet printers. Finally, our 100% PCW White Recycled labels are made with 100% post consumer fibers. These labels have a permanent adhesive and are great for labeling environmentally friendly products and product packaging.

At SheetLabels.com, we offer many different white label materials for you to choose form. These white labels each have unique characteristics that make them all great for different labeling projects.

Have you ever ordered and of the white label materials from SheetLabels.com? Which label material is your favorite and why? Share your feedback and start discussions about any of our products on our Facebook, Twitter or even Google+ pages using #SLIBlog!

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