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Hashtags: Customers Are Able To Contact Businesses With Questions & Feedback By Using Hashtags On Social Media Websites!

July 10, 2013

There are many different social media platforms available for the general public and also for businesses. There’s Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram. Each of these social media websites is unique in their own way, but they also have something in common!

The one thing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have in common is the use of hashtags! The use of hashtags across these social media websites is as common as having a profile image for your social media account.

The best part about hashtags is that you can hashtag any word or phrase you want to. For that reason the hashtag has become a popular staple for any business using social media.

There are four main reasons that businesses should take the use of hashtags more seriously. Those four reasons are:

  1. Promotion
  2. Conversation
  3. Targeting
  4. Innovations

The first reason that businesses should use hashtags is promotion. On the social media website Twitter you’re able to track the people who have used a specific hashtag and also their comments by searching for that hashtag. If you’re trying to promote a new product, use hashtag followed by a phrase or word that you want customers to use. For example, we sell great polyester label materials that are durable and tear-resistant at SheetLabels.com so we can use #SLIpolyesterlabels on our social media posts. A survey done by Radium found that 51% of individuals would be more willing to share company hashtags if they were awarded discounts or chances to win prizes.

The second reason that businesses should use hashtags is for conversation. When a business posts different links, if customers click those links it takes them back to the businesses’ website homepage, blog page or product information page. If that business and their customers use hashtags, they’re both able to use those hashtags and phrases in everyday conversation. This makes having a conversation with customers easier and more efficient.

The third reason that businesses should use hashtags is for targeting. The use of hashtags allows businesses to target specific individuals based on the type of hashtag they use. If your goal is to target individuals for labels that are weatherproof, you would use #weatherprooflabels. Those individuals who are interested in your labels are able to respond with questions and comments using that same hashtag which makes tracking the information a breeze.

The fourth reason that businesses should use hashtags is for innovations. Hashtags are relatively new and their possibilities are endless which means that businesses are able to experiment and see what works best for them when it comes to hashtags!

Hashtags are a great way to get in touch and keep in touch with customers. Hashtags can be used on a number of different social media websites, which makes them universal, simple to use and easy to track!

Have you ever worked with a company that uses hashtags? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages by using #SLIBlog.

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