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Commercial Advertising And The Super Bowl Go Hand In Hand!

August 20, 2012

Football season officially starts every year in September. Every Sunday, thousands of football fans get together with family and friends. They click on the game and spend the day enjoying quarterback sacks, long passes, hard hits, touchdown dances and overtime wins!

It’s like a Sunday ritual for fans: make some food and spend the day yelling at the television! Fans cheer all season hoping that “their” team has what it takes to make it to the most watched sporting event of all time…The Super Bowl!

The Super Bowl generates more hype, trash talking and sales than any other single sporting event across the board.

With over 130 million people who tuned into last years Super Bowl, it’s no surprise that companies were willing to shell out on average 3.5 million dollars to run a 30 second commercial.

Marketing a company by using commercials is done everyday. Both small and large companies fully understand the benefit of using commercial advertising. It’s an easy yet effective way to get your company or product recognized by hundreds even millions of people at one time. But, when broadcasting to an audience of over 100 million people, you need to find a way to be memorable.

Let’s face it; the companies who produce commercials for the Super Bowl aren’t hurting for money. They are often fortune 500 companies, with health benefits and incentives. But, if their commercial is boring or even mediocre it was a waste of millions of dollars. That’s one reason super bowl commercials are some of the most memorable of all time.

Big brands gave us humor, action and celebrities in last year’s super bowl commercials. The Volkswagen Black Beetle commercial, The Bud Light Rescue Dog commercial and H&M’s commercial featuring a barely clothed David Beckham were some of 2012’s most memorable commercials.

Some might argue that people are loyal to brands. People may say: who watches commercials anyways?, while others may think that a company who has enough money to advertise during the Super Bowl doesn’t need their business. Whatever thought one might have, whatever emotion whether it be laughter or anger, they are still thinking about, talking about and possibly even bonding with, that company.

With the estimated 5 million people that bought new televisions for the Super Bowl last year one must know that the companies who spent millions to advertise fully understood what they were doing. They aren’t begging customers to buy their products. They are simply lodging their brand into the minds of approximately 140 million people…Sounds pretty smart to us.

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial of all time? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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