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Changing Elements Within A Business Helps Employee Productivity!

March 04, 2013

Are you a business owner? Do you work for a business where productivity is hindered because of the work environment? There are a few elements that can be changed to improve productivity in the office.

These elements don’t necessarily have to do with space or layout. The elements have more to do with workspace surroundings. The 5 elements are:

  1. Sound Control
  2. Good Lighting
  3. Ergonomic Consideration
  4. Smart Arrangement
  5. Task-Specific Work Stations

The first element to take into consideration is sound control. Sound proofing an entire building isn’t always ideal, affordable, practical and necessary. Simply adding sound-absorbing panels in specific rooms or areas of the building that experience the most noise is a simple solution. Another solution is to add mutually agreed upon music in communal workspaces. Music boosts energy and can actually help employees to focus on their tasks.

The second element is good lighting. This may seem like a no brainer but lighting is extremely important. If lights are too dim, employees may experience drowsiness. If the lighting has a fluorescent tint, employees may experience headaches. Natural lighting is always the best for boosting energy! If you’re building has limited windows, another solution is to buy daylight color balanced high-powered light bulbs!

The third element to improve productivity is ergonomic consideration. Sitting at a desk all day takes a toll on ones back, legs and neck. Checking desk and computer height is a start and helps to reduce stress on your employees. Ergonomic chairs are not only comfortable but also beneficial or each employee.

The fourth element is smart arrangement. This means taking your employees into consideration. Don’t setup the building around available electrical outlets but rather around those employees who use specific printers or fax machines the most. If someone uses the fax machine throughout the day, place the fax machine closer to that individual. Instead of having one printer for ten employees, try to find a way to minimize the employee to printer ratio.

The fifth and final element is to have task-specific workstations. If your company has a number of employees who are doing the same job throughout the day, setup an assembly line of different stations for those individuals. Not only does this save money but also keeps your employees moving around, awake and alert. Instead of purchasing four tape rolls and four packs of envelopes if there is one workstation per task, the company only needs to buy one tape roll and one pack of envelopes.

Creating an efficient business is the goal of all business owners. Having productive employees benefits the business and keeps customers happy!

Does your business implement any of these elements? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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